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Back to School: 2016-2017


So Back to School season is almost upon us (well some of us), and it’s time for all the Back to School blogs and videos to pop up. There’s the dorm hauls, the supplies haul, clothes hauls, planner posts, everything school related will be coming within the next weeks.

I’m going to be a junior/senior this upcoming August (the 15th to be exact), and I’m super excited. New clothes, new school supplies, new resolutions, a whole new me.  I’m also moving out of my efficiency apartment and into a 2 bedroom with my friend (in the same complex thank goodness), for the upcoming school year. So that means a lot of packing, unpacking, organizing, and shopping.

So I’m going to be putting together a series of posts to help with everything that you need to make sure your transition from summer to school is an easy one. Whether this is your first year or your last, it’s time to go Back to School!!


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