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Planners I’ll Use for 2017


It’s that time of the year Ladies and Gents. That’s right, it’s time to pick your planner or planners for the upcoming year. For the newbie to the planner universe the only thing hard for them might be which pretty cover to get. But for those of us that have been using planners for a while, it’s all about which planners are best for managing our time and crazy daily lives. For myself I’ll be using 3 (maybe 4) planners for the upcoming year.




This is the first planner that I will be bringing with me into the new year; my 18 month Erin Condren life planner in vertical. This is the most popular life planner out there; from the Girl Boss, to busy Moms, to Sorority Girls, it seems like a LOT of people have this planner. People even make stickers to use inside to make it a little more cute, and a little more functional. The price is a bit high running from $50 (if you want a custom cover that’s an extra $5, a black, gold, or rose gold coil is an extra $10).

I use this planner for my everyday planning; my to dos, my little things, and keeping track of everything I need to. Such as when my favorite shows are coming on, or what I’ll be eating for dinner that week. I plan on transferring to a new college in FALL 2017, and I’m unsure if I’ll be getting another planner for my classes (a horizontal), or if I’ll just use this one.



The next planner I will be bringing into 2017 is my Recollections Personal size binder from Michael’s. If you love Kikki-K’s but don’t have the Kikki-K price, this is an awesome alternative coming in at $19.99. Michael’s usually has coupons so you could get this 6-ring binder for as low as 10 bucks.

I use this planner to carry in my bag or purse with a highlight of my week. Since it’s smaller than my Erin Condren, it’s easier to carry around without it being too bulky. You can buy various inserts from almost anywhere; but a popular choice are the inserts from Sew Much Crafting on Etsy. I have the Week on Two Pages (WO2P) set up along with the Month on 2 pages (MO2P).

*Michaels has just come out with a Recollections A5 size binder as well*



Last but not least is my Recollections Spiral Planner from Michaels. This planner is nearly identical to the Erin Condren at half the cost, coming in at $29.99. I was able to snag this on Black Friday for $9.99, but with daily coupons you could get this for around $14.99.

I’m trying something new this year called Memory Planning. In this horizontal layout I’ll be recording a memory everyday as sort of a diary. I’ve seen others do this and I knew this would be something I’d like to do as there are some big changes in store for me.

So these are my planners I’ll be using for the 2017 year. Hopefully these gave you some ideas for what planners you might want to buy for the next year, for either yourself or a friend. Happy Planning!


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